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WTC Person in Hole 911 tower

The question is how hot could it have been ? This woman (what the picture appears to be) is standing in the area that the plane hit, which created an opening or hole in the building. If the building collapsed (as we were told) by heat from the jet fuel, then it (the tower) would have been to hot for this person to survive at this part?

This first picture is fom hereisnewyork.org it seems to be the same as the comcast (woman1_wtc) picture below, but not as good resolution.

Looks like Eric has a better qual picture than i could get my paws on, guess i will have to buy his DVD 
  (Maybe he will send me one for publicity )     :)   :)


photo of woman standing in hole of WTC on 9/11

woman standing in hole of tower on 9/11


WTC on 9/11 woman standing in hole

twin tower woman standing in hole how hot could it have been ?

woman standing in hole of WTC tower on sept 11
person standing in hole of WTC september 11

the photo is also called holewtc.jpg
person standing in hole of WTC on 9/11

woman standing in hole of WTC on 9/11
photo = woman1_wtc2.JPG


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